BanterGirl was founded by Trish Nelson to help bring together and unite women within the comedy community and beyond, empowering them with the tools and collaborative resources that they need to be able to create and launch their work.

With a focus on female comedic talent and comedy creators, BanterGirl Productions LLC has a mission to establish a diverse empire of creative women and shine a light on the many talents that they possess. We celebrate women for exactly who they are, without attempting to make them fit their ideas, or their selves, into the mold of culturally harmful industry “ideals”. With a focus on live shows, tours, web, and television projects, BanterGirl helps to cultivate, package, and pitch the work of female creators, connecting them up with the industry support that they need to be able to bring their projects to fruition. Individualized project based production management is what we specialize in, allowing the creator the freedom to continue to develop their careers without locking themselves into exclusive contracts. We fight for the women and projects that we represent, and work diligently to protect the voices and ideals of our creators and their projects.