BanterGirlLive Podcast: Episode 2

Summer is in full swing and sex is in the air! Join BanterGirl as she hangs with her dear friends, iconic hip hop star Jean Grae, and brilliant standup comedian Carolyn Castiglia discussing the topic of "Sex and Relationships When You're a Grown-Ass Women". Things that you will learn....1. The Oral B Pulsar is a GREAT clitoral stimulator. 2. Women owning their bodies and taking control in the bedroom can be extremely empowering. And, 3. From this point forward, in order to date Carolyn Castiglia, you have to first be vetted by Jean Grae by emailing: Expect laughter, expect tears, and by the end of the episode expect there to be an empty $11 dollar magnum of rose left on the table. This episode has EVERYTHING!

Trish NelsonComment