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Katy Frame and Marie Cecile Anderson, the two brilliantly hilarious women behind the musical comedy band Reformed Whores, have written and performed songs like “Girls Poop Too,” “Douchebags,” and “Birth Control.” BanterGirl was so excited to sit down with the group and learn about how they started their band, where they find inspiration, and what 2017 has in hold for their comedy.  

How did you gals meet? More importantly, how did you start making comedy together?

Katy: God told us to do it. Just kidding. Kind of. No really, actually it was kind of God's plan. We randomly met in Brooklyn at a mutual friend's party about seven years ago and ended up bonding over bacon wrapped scallops and boy talk. Next thing you know, we've started the greatest country western comedy band in the universe.

Marie: At the party I said I played the ukulele and Katy said she played the accordion, so we decided to start a band to continue our budding friendship! When we began writing together we naturally wrote silly songs that made each other laugh. Then I booked us on a show and quickly learned our silly songs made other people laugh too!

Who came up with the name Reformed Whores?

Katy: As we started writing, we realized what was motivating us were themes of female sexuality and failed love. At the time, I had a roommate who had a Spotify playlist titled "Reformed Whores" and when I saw it, it was like being hit by lightning (but less painful). It just seemed like the perfect name. Marie agreed and we became Reformed Whores.

Marie: Which is trademarked, bi*ches!!

What drew you to the medium of musical comedy?

Marie: I hail from Nashville and sang in the church choir back home for 15 years. I’ve always loved music, especially country and gospel. It’s been fun to merge it with comedy since I love Hee-Haw and Flight of the Conchords so much!

Katy: I was a music major in college and had always been a musical comedy nerd. I was also introduced to the crazy world of sketch and improv while in college. When I first graduated, I had no idea how to integrate what I loved and enjoyed about comedy into my musical theater plans. I've always loved Tenacious D, Weird Al, and all those guys, but it never occurred to me to do musical comedy...until it did! Again, it's sort of crazy how everything panned out.

What is the most difficult thing about touring with a bunch of men?

Marie: The farts on the tour bus.

Katy: Yeah, Marie had a really hard time hiding her farts from the men. Who am I kidding? She didn't even try.

Marie. Tee hee.

Katy: Actually we were all pretty easy hangs, so we didn't have much trouble touring with the dudes.

What's the most wonderful thing?

Katy: The farts. No, just kidding. This isn't really specific to touring with males, but I just really love the camaraderie you get from touring. You become fast friends. It's very much like summer camp, but with more booze.

Marie: I often miss our friends from the Dweezil Zappa tour. They made us feel so welcome even though they had all toured together forever! It became a little family for a week.

Who inspires you?

Katy: I love weird, stupid comedy and have always been super inspired by people like Pee Wee Herman, but of course, being in a musical comedy band, I am inspired by other musical comedy groups like Flight of the Conchords. I'd also have to say we are inspired by fierce female comedians like Leslie Jones and Sarah Silverman. Ladies who are not afraid to speak their mind!

Marie: We're dying to open for Margaret Cho or Amy Schumer. Our brand of comedy would be a perfect fit with those ladies! As for musicians, the Dixie Chicks would be a dream come true!

What is your favorite personality trait that you see in each other?

Marie: Great question! What I love most about Katy is that she never settles for mediocre. Before I met her, I think maybe my style of writing & performing was more based on whether or not I was having fun. I didn't want to put too much pressure on myself, but that doesn't cut it if you want to be the greatest country western comedy band in the world! She taught me the precious gift of truly believing in myself, and I will be forever grateful for that. I'm just like Beyonce! (Jk.)

Katy: I'm grateful for Marie's ability to leap into something. For example she booked us on our first show way before I was ready.  Since I do strive for excellence in my work, I sometimes hide behind the excuse of not "being ready yet.”  Marie has taught me to put myself out there more, even if I don't always feel ready! Yolo!

What's does the rest of 2017 look like for you gals?

Marie: Oh Jesus, that question makes my chest hurt. Ha! We have a lot going on at the moment. We have a new music video coming out next week (our best one yet!), our web series "Journey to Greatness" that we filmed at Sturgis this summer is almost ready to premiere, we're going on tour end of March through April. We're headlining comedy festivals and clubs this summer.

Katy: Yup! All that and we're very hopeful to be going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August! We're dying to bring our brand of comedy across the pond and really think it would open up a new fanbase and tour market. Also, I'm ready to challenge Donald Trump to a musical comedy duel to the death! What do you think? I'll think we should put it in the calendar!

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